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Southwest Oklahoma MOAA

Southwest Oklahoma MOAA
Southwest Oklahoma MOAA
Thought for the Week...

Each and every day you may unknowingly be an inspiration to someone.  You are probably not the most successful person you know or the most productive.  You are not likely the highest achiever either but that doesn't change the fact that can make a positive impact on those around you as well as those you come into contact with.  While you may not view it this way, you may be underestimating your inspirational value to others.  

Southwest Oklahoma MOAA Southwest Oklahoma MOAA
Lawton Fort Sill VA Center Calendar

During our last survey many of you indicated we should be more involved in the activities of our...
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Southwest Oklahoma MOAA
Remembering the Fallen of Our Chapter

Playing Taps

Chapter Members:

LTC Kenneth Lowmiller, USA (Ret) - 2019

LTC Gary Bounds, USA (Ret) - 2019

CAPT James Burpo, USN (Ret) - 2019

Marilyn Stonerock , Surviving Spouse - 2019

LTC Lyman Lackey, USA (Ret) - 2018

LTCOL James Helsel, USMC (Ret) - 2018

COL James Holley, USA (Ret) - 2017

LTC Lewis Crowder, USA (Ret) - 2017

LTC Penn Rabb, Jr., USA (Ret) - 2016

COL William Furtado, USA (Ret) - 2016

COL Kenneth Kleypass, USA (Ret) - 2015

MAJ Harry Tincher, USA (Ret) - 2015

LTC Billy Penick, USA (Ret) - 2014

MAJ George Durham, USA (Ret) - 2014

COL Jack Van Pool, USA, (Ret) - 2013

MAJ Farrell Dockstetter, USA - 2013

COL Victor (Tom) Bullock, USA (Ret) - 2012

LTC Roy Penepacker, USA (Ret) - 2012

COL Jasper Grigg, USA (Ret) - 2011

COL Karl Mueller, USMC (Ret) - 2011

COL Robert McCaffree, USA (Ret) - 2011

LTC Frederick Beck, USA (Ret) - 2011

LTC Francis Curran, USA (Ret) - 2011

MAJ Clarence (Ray) Shay - 2011

COL Frank Hawthorne, USA (Ret) - 2010

LTC John Martin, USA (Ret) - 2010

LTC Daniel Bankston, USA (Ret) - 2010

COL Joseph Strelecki, USA (Ret) - 2009

LTC Cecil Burton, USA (Ret) - 2009

LTC Fancis (Frank) Donatucci, USA (Ret) - 2009

COL Robert Hanson, USA (Ret) - 2008

LTC Hoyt (Mike) Hammer, USA (Ret) - 2007

LTC Durward (DS) Wilson, USA (Ret) - 2007

COL Clyde Brown, USA (Ret) - 2006

MG Eugene Korpal, USA (Ret) - 2005

COL James Quinlan, USA (Ret) - 2005

COL Hardy Stone, USA (Ret) - 2003

COL Robert Cramer, USA (Ret) - 2002

LTC James Hollis, USA (Ret) - 2002


Mollie Burton - 2019

Luella Crowl - 2015 


Southwest Oklahoma MOAA
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Southwest Oklahoma MOAA
Southwest Oklahoma MOAA

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